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Facebook Creator Studio Analytics

Facebook Creative Studio Analytics: Know the Facebook and Instagram Posts Insights

Do you think only posting well-curated and relevant content on social media platforms is enough for brand promotions? Being a professional marketer, keeping a track of the performance of your social media posts is essential. You must review how the posts are performing on a social media platform.

There are various reasons why social media analytics is crucial:

  • Tells you about the interest of your followers.
  • Evaluates the efficacy of your marketing strategy (SMM strategy).
  • Determine the overall impact of social media posts on your business.
  • Make the essential changes in your social media campaigns

In this blog, we have discussed the Facebook Creator Studio analytics for Facebook and Instagram insights.

Well, you can consider it the second part of our Facebook Creator Studio, which talked about the ways of scheduling a social media post on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Creator Studio Analytics

You can use Facebook Creator Studio analytics to help you get the detailed Facebook and Instagram posts insights. Read on to know how.

Facebook Creator Studio analytics for Facebook posts

The insight tab on your FB page reveals a lot of information related to your video posts, such as:

Performance: You can know for how many minutes your videos were viewed, the number of times they were played and the engagement levels of the videos on your page.

insight perfomance

Image via Facebook

Audience: You can understand your target audience better as you get to know their age and gender in the insights section.

Loyalty: You can keep a track of all your followers (both old and new) and track the viewers who are watching the full videos and the users who are seeing your content.

Retention: You can know the average minutes a video gets viewed.

insights of facebook creator

Image via Facebook

Earnings: This section relates to the pages that have fan subscriptions or/and in-stream ads.

Note: The ‘Insights’ tab is mainly to give you the overall statistics of your content. If you want to get the metrics details, open the Content Library tab.

In case of insights about the non-video content on your Facebook page, click on ‘Insights’ on the Facebook page.

Digging deeper into the statistics of all your Facebook posts, you get fresh ideas to improve your social media marketing strategies with relevant data and make better decisions.

insights on facebook

Image via Facebook

Well, it is not just for your Facebook posts. You can even get the insights about your Instagram content on Facebook Creator Studio.

Creator Studio analytics for your Instagram posts

Facebook Creator Studio allows you to view the insights about your Instagram posts on the desktop. What’s best is you can view these insights on your smartphone as well. Though you might think this like a not-a-huge breakthrough, many digital marketers are loving the benefit of convenient viewing of the Instagram insights on their desktops.

Read on to know what all details you can get about your Instagram posts on the Creator Studio.

Activity: It allows you to see the facts and figures of the accounts that reached your posts, website clicks and more. You can know the engagement levels of your post.

instagram followers

Image via Facebook

Status of your followers: You get to know the total number of followers of your Instagram page and details like their age, gender, etc. You can also know when your audience is online and their location.

interaction of facebook creator

Image via Facebook

With these details, you can know the right time to post on your Instagram page and generate maximum results.

Final Words

You got to make sure that you use Facebook Creator Studio in the right way to get the maximum results. Moreover, you can also get insights about your individual Instagram posts and stories from the Content Library tab. You just need to click on the concerned post.

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