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Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio: Schedule a Post on Facebook and Instagram

Social media platforms come up with new features often and it gets difficult to get track of each feature. But, what if you miss an important update like the Facebook Creator Studio? Did you know about this earlier? If not, we are here to introduce this incredible tool to you.

If you have a Facebook Page of your brand or company, you can use Facebook Creator Studio to manage a lot of things that were otherwise tough. Thanks to this wonderful tool, now community managers and entrepreneurs can strategise, schedule, analyse and monetise their Facebook page activities. Not just Facebook page but Instagram accounts too!

Let’s know more about Facebook Creator Studio.

Facebook Creator Studio

The tool acts as a one-stop destination for creators, marketers and other FB and IG users. If you are a digital creator or marketer, you can use it to publish content, analyse its performance and improve your online marketing strategy.

Schedule your Posts in Advance with Facebook Creator Studio

Community managers know the value of scheduling social media posts in advance. It is not just about saving time but you also get help in planning your social media content calendar.

If you are not aware of how to schedule posts via this tool on both your Facebook and Instagram accounts, here’s the solution. Read on.

Scheduling a post using Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook always had the scheduling feature and so, not many people seek Facebook Creator Studio for scheduling their posts. Wouldn’t it be great if you can manage your page without moving from one dashboard to another? So, why not use this tool for everything possible?

Scheduling your post via Facebook Creator Studio is not a difficult task. Just follow the basic ways of composting a post and click on the arrow beside the ‘Publish’ button. You will see these two options:

Saving: You can save the post before publishing it on your page. Later, you can get quick access to this post from your Drafts.

Scheduling: You can set a future time and date to get your post live.

Wasn’t that simple?

What makes it easy to schedule is the Content Library feature. It gives you an overview of all the FB posts you have scheduled on your FB pages.

Moreover, the library allows you to narrow down your search using various filters, such as:

Post type: Videos, photos, text, links, etc.

Post status: Expiring, posted, drafted, scheduled, etc.

Time frame: See posts from a specific month or year.

facebook creator studio

Image via Facebook

Scheduling a post on Instagram using Creator Studio

Scheduling posts on Instagram was a headache until Facebook Creator Studio came to the scene. Yes, social media managers struggled to schedule their IG posts because of the API restrictions by Instagram. There are third-party apps to provide this feature but failed to give satisfactory results.

Thanks to Facebook Creator Studio, marketers, influencers and other social media users can now schedule their Instagram posts legitimately. You just need to link your Instagram account to the Creator Studio dashboard.

Using the ‘Create Post’ option at the top left corner of the dashboard, you can easily create a post for your Instagram feed or IGTV channel.

create a post

Image via Vidooly

Using Creator Studio for Instagram, you can easily add multiple images, turn off comments, tag people in the posts. In the case of branded content, you can even tag business partners.

Soon after your post is ready, you can either post directly or schedule the post in the same way as you did for Facebook.

face book creator comments

Image via Medium

Happy note: You can schedule your IGTV videos and Instagram posts to six months in advance! Marketers can’t contain their excitement.

However, you cannot schedule your Facebook and Instagram stories as of now. Maybe that’s also going to be possible over time.

Final words

Facebook Creator Studio has got applauds from most marketers, brands and community managers. The scheduling feature has got the acceptance of most brands. It is not just useful in refining your social media strategies but also eliminates the in-house staffing model partially.

What is your opinion about this interesting social media tool? Tell us in the comments.

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