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What is the Right Link Building Approach? Mistakes to Avoid While Link Building

What are your ideas for building links? Do you also plan to send millions of emails to your clients or suggest your clients to do so for their own website? If you have, we must tell you it is not the best way to utilize your resources and time. In case you are not aware, sending mass emails to build links is a way that died a couple of years ago.

You might assume, why marketers are still using the technique if it is already outdated. Maybe the reason is Google SERPs flooding with posts that promote or share dead link building approaches, like mass email outreach approach.

To believe the truth, this strategy is taking you nowhere good, but the only mark you spammed in your industry.

So, what is the right way of building links? How can you increase your reach by promoting links in the right way? Read on to know how you can build proper, long-lasting relationships with your clients using the right link building approach.

What is wrong with sending mass outreach emails?

Email outreach can be beneficial for a few marketers. But, here we are talking about the majority for whom it doesn’t work. What goes wrong with the mass email outreach approach?

Firstly, consider the following scenario:

Another Monday morning and you wake up to open your inbox to see another outreach email. Well, from the same company.

Do you feel like giving it a read and reply or mark it as spam? Well, we know the mood is to go for the latter option.

You are not alone, most of us feel the same frustration.

In one of the researches by Brian Dean, he revealed that the response rate (average) to these kinds of emails is below 9%. While some people have reached the response rate of 16% using individualized approach, the efficiency still remains questionable.

Low response rate is definitely something that bothers most of the marketers. However, the eyes remain on the reputational risks.

This is one of the most valid reasons to believe why the strategy is no longer beneficial. Just send in a few emails and you will have the tag or reputation of a spammer and there’s no going back from here.

So why take the risk?

Now, let’s look into the reasons why emails are marked spam or ignored.

You send the emails to the wrong people

The simple reason why you are not getting replies is because the recipients are not interested in link building.

The emails you sent are generic

It is evident to your recipients that you have sent a generic email to hundreds and thousands of people. So, if you don’t care about them why would they bother to respond?

Your emails miss a unique value proposition

Most outreach emails talk about the same thing – asking for a link to a post as it shares a valuable information.

Well, even you know there are millions of posts providing detailed information about the topic.

You must speak about the things that make your post special and different from others.

What is the right link building approach?

Before taking you to the step wise link building approach, you must know that link building asks for a lot of time and resources. There are no magic how-to’s to do this but you must follow a well-designed link-building campaign.

Follow these steps to use the right link building approach to get guaranteed links.

Step #1: Link prospecting that focuses on searching companies that have set the same goals like you

There are several companies that are into link building process like you and they are open to offering favors for different brands like yours.

Your first short-term goal should be finding the people or organizations who are looking forward to strengthen their SEO techniques and who understand the value of links. One of the simplest ways to find these companies is checking the search result pages of Google.

Every thing in SEO begins with keyword research but in this case, your focus should be on the keywords that shows a decent competition level and a fair search volume (monthly).

Remember, there’s no need of having a lengthy list of keywords, a set of 20 search phrases will do.

You can use SEMrush to find the most relevant keywords to a business as it helps filtering out the search phrases having the highest competition and highest search volume.

See the below screenshot to understand the most popular and competitive keywords in the field of content marketing.

Link prospecting

Once you have the list of keywords you can use them to check the Google SERPs.

Note: Content Marketing is an example. You can use your concerned field to search for relevant keywords with help of SEMrush.

You can download the list of websites that appear in the top 100 ranks on Google Again, SEMrush or SEOquake plugin tool will help you with this task.

On using SEOquake, you must go to ‘search settings’ to ensure you get all the results on one page:

Search Setting

Once you do it, you can easily switch on SEOquake tool and export the website list that appear using a particular keyword that you typed in the search bar.

Content Marketing Strategy

After exporting all the required URLs, you now need to shortlist the ones building links actively.

To know about such URLs, we would suggest you to use Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool that allows analyzing up to 200 pages at one point of time.

The most crucial metrics you can use include the site’s DR (domain rating) and the number of referring domains.

How can you know which URLs are currently into heavy link building investment?

To get the answer, use Excel’s custom sort function where you can demand showing pages with the sites having the lowest DR and highest number of referring domains.

domain rating

Doing this, you can easily find sites that are currently making efforts to build links. Considering the below screenshot, you will see a list of pages having built a good number of links redirecting back to them.

number of links

Now, do the same research and follow the same procedure for all the selected keywords.

Finally, double-check all the uncovered URLs to make sure if they are actually building links currently.

You can do this with ease by checking the Ahrefs graph that displays the growth rate of the referring domains back to the pages that you found through the analysis of SERPs.

For example, if one of the URLs you are looking for shows a graph like the one below, know that they are into heavy link building investment:

referring domains

Once you have a complete list of the websites looking for new links, it is the right time to initiate a connection.

Step #2: Building connection with your potential link building partners

As there are not many sites that you wish to connect with, you can definitely create a personalized approach rather then going with the outdated generic mass emails (which we told you is not worthy) to establish a connection with your potential link building partners.

Since, link building is no less than a relationship building, a personalized touch is very important.

Not just this, sending out generic emails will end up giving you a reputation of a spammer.

So, we would recommend you to use LinkedIn to break the ice.

Eventually, you can switch to emails. But the first connection should start through LinkedIn.

In your first message, make it clear why you wish to connect with them on the platform.

You can start with a message saying how you noticed them working hard on acquiring valuable links to their website and you thought it would be a good idea to connect with them for the same; building a synergy between both companies (yours and theirs).

However, do not forget to introduce yourself and get to the point very quickly.

Send friendly messages, customized but concise. Talk directly about what you want because nobody has the time to talk to a stranger for nothing!

Once you have connected on LinkedIn, you can soon switch to email where you can tell them what kind of perks they will have after partnering up with them.

Step #3: Offer them good reasons to partner up with you

The last and most important step is to give them a big reason to partner with you.

Tell them about the following things:

  • What will they get from linking back to your content?
  • If they will get backlinks to their content from you
  • If you will offer them amazing content that they can use for their audience

The best value exchange is done through links. You give them links and take backlinks from them. It is called reciprocal links.

Will it harm your SEO visibility? NO.

Google has never explicitly claimed that giving backlinks to your partners on other websites can harm your SEO performance.

Now, how can you give backlinks to your partners? The best way in the current times is through guest posts.

Write relevant guest posts that you can share with your partner. Your guest post must have content that is useful for both of you.

Doing this will help you both boost your website traffic and your exposure to wider audiences.

However, if you do not take it as a good idea, there’s another way to get this sorted. You can join several industry groups and look out for any link building opportunities. When you find one, you can share it with your partner for mutual benefits.

If you own a B2B niche, the best place to get such opportunities is by joining several Facebook groups of B2B bloggers.

In a nutshell

Mass email outreach is a thing of old times now and you need to get over it ASAP.

There is friendlier and better link building approaches that can get you great opportunities of partnering with the right people for link exchange. We hope our custom idea of the right link building approach helps you gain increased benefits for your website.

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