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LinkedIn publishing platform

The Secret of Achieving LinkedIn Publishing Success

LinkedIn has opened new doors of opportunities in the content world with their latest publishing platform. To all the writers reading this, you will be getting exposure to publishing your writings among the highly-professional networks of readers. The top influencers are already posting quality and informative content on the platform already. Readers are seeking out to read content on LinkedIn.

Being a writer or having experience in the digital marketing industry,m you must know how LinkedIn influences content marketing and the level of potential it holds. However, there’s a lot you need to know about LinkedIn’s new publishing platform. Som how can you succeed on this platform?

We are here to give you the needful information. Read on for the tips for achieving LinkedIn Publishing success.

Tips for achieving LinkedIn Publishing success

Create titles of a length between 40 and 49 characters

Researchers and experts found that posts having a 40-49 character length title got the highest number of overall clicks.

Develop your post on LinkedIn Usual – Add up to images

Remember, you must have at least one image in your post, The thing behind posting 8 images is that such posts get more likes, shares, views and comments on LinkedIn.

Keep an image at the top of the content. Just like the featured image you add in your blog posts!

Don’t add videos or any multimedia to your posts

We all know that LinkedIn allows adding videos, audios, photos and other multimedia assets to the posts, However, we suggest not to add videos or other multimedia assets to your post. The research data suggests it leads to fewer views.

Create ‘How-to’ and List-style headlines

A headline can get you a breakthrough on LinkedIn Publishing platform. As you may know, headlines create a powerful influence on a reader and is known to grab the attention of potential clients and readers.

We know it gets a little difficult to do this on your LinkedIn post. But, there are ways that might help to create the best headline:

Poll your email subscribers or social media audience. Start a survey program or set up a poll.

Purchase some AdWords ads and use different copies to check which one receives maximum clicks.

Write a post with a headline, Tweet it using various headlines and unique Bitly links. You can then edit your post headline using the version that gets the greatest CTR (click-through-rate)

Note: Don’t write question posts, but do write ‘how-to’ posts.

Make sections of your post; divide it into 5 headings

A well-formatted post gets more views as compared to a bland post with no heading and sub-headings. Use H1, H2, H3 tags in your post. Readers like a post with proper sub-heading. It makes your content readable.

Write long-form content

The longer is your post, the higher would be the clicks and views. Longer posts are the trend on every marketing and social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Make sure your post is around 1900-2000 words long and make it informative.

You will receive higher number of clicks, comments, views, likes and shares.

Write your post in a neutral tone/language

LinkedIn likes posts written in neutral tine and spreading positive sentiment. You can share facts, positive aspects, or just an informative post on something valuable. Try not firing up your audience!

Promote your post on social media handles

If you want to promote your LinkedIn Publisher post on social media handles, you can. As per the data, tweets contribute to the highest number of LinkedIn success metrics. Whenever you publish a post, make sure to publish it on social media networks.

Note: You can use Twitter Analytics or Tweriod to determine the most perfect time to promote your posts.

Create a content that is readable for a 12-year old

For the writers and marketers not aware of the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score, it is a comprehension difficulty assessment. The score determines if a post is readable for 12-15-year-olds.

Make sure your post is readable for young teens and most adults. Here’s a chart that describes the meaning of your Flesch-Readability Score


Considering the ‘Easy’ level of Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score, you should try to develop a post that scores 80-89 on the readability level scoreboard. These posts attract more likes, views, shares and comments on a LinkedIn Publisher post.

LinkedIn likes are the secret behind higher views, comments and shares

The common denominator on LinkedIn posts is the likes among other LinkedIn metrics. The more post likes you get, the more will be your chances of getting post shares, comments and views.

Note: Adding a call to action at the end of the post encourages the readers to click on the like button and your post is likely to get more shares and views!

Bonus tip: Publish your LinkedIn Publishing Post on Thursday.

In a Nutshell

We hope these tips on LinkedIn Publishing success helps you in getting higher reach through your LinkedIn posts, Some might work excellent for you and some might not. But, you got to try all of these! Once you know what works best for you, there’s no turning back.

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