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Facebook Creator - Feature & Drawbacks

Facebook Creator Studio – The Features and Drawbacks

In our previous two blogs on Facebook Creator Studio, we discussed scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts and the analytics of Creator Studio. In this blog, we will talk about the features and drawbacks of Facebook Creator Studio,

Let’s get started.

Features of Facebook Creator Studio

One of the main features of Facebook Creator Studio is to allow scheduling FB and Instagram posts and checking the insights of the published posts. We have discussed these topics in detail in the earlier published blogs.

But, the list of major features doesn’t end at post scheduling and insight generation. There’s a lot more.

Check out these incredible features that you can bring to use in order to gain more business through social media.


By monetizing your Facebook page, you can earn a good amount of money through your content. But, it is essential to know if your FB page is eligible for monetization and this depends on several factors, which is where you need Facebook Creator Studio.

It not just tells you about the eligibility of your Facebook page for monetization but unveils some tips to achieve and balance your monetary results.

feature of facebook creator

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One of the most accepted and beneficial way to earn money through Facebook is to include short ads in your video content. You can do it before, during or after the video. If you wish to choose your ads selectively, you can do that easily or just leave it on Facebook to place them automatically.

Have you ever thought of generating revenue through Facebook? Well, now you know how.

Sound Collection

Creating content on Facebook was never so easy as it seems now with Facebook Creator Studio. You can choose from the collection of music tracks on Facebook to include in your posts. These soundtracks are free and legal with south effects to add a special touch to your Facebook and Instagram video content. You can create content much easier now.

Rights Manager

With the advent of social media marketing, holding rights of your content and protecting what you post on social media handles like Facebook and Instagram has become significant. Thankfully, Facebook Creator Studio allows you to have all rights of your content on Facebook and Instagram through the Rights Manager feature. You can protect your copyrighted content by using reference files you upload.

Policing Facebook content has been there for a while now, but it wasn’t as easy as Creator Studio has made it now.

Note: You need to apply to the feature in order to have its benefits.

right manager

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The feature doesn’t restrict to music tracks only but also offers filters that help narrow down on moods, genres, vocals and duration of the video content. This has made it one of the most favorite features of Facebook Creator Studio.


You get relevant hashtag suggestions while scheduling your posts, especially on Instagram. So, you need not spend time thinking about the right set of hashtags for your social media posts.


This feature enables you to create a new page and assign Page roles to members. Through this feature, you can even upload videos and go Live on Facebook.


There’s an inbox view as well in the Facebook Creator Studio. Through this section, you can respond to and manage the messages you receive on Facebook and Instagram both.

Recent Update: Facebook Creator Studio is now accessible from mobile phones. You can now post and manage your posts through Facebook Creator Studio on your Mobile phone as well. No more waiting to get home to get the job done!

Drawbacks of Facebook Creator Studio

Tools and applications may have errors; after all, they are developed and designed by humans. Despite all the special features and functionalities, Facebook Creator Studio also has a downside.

Here are a few drawbacks of the tool and ways to overcome them. Read on.

Don’t worry, the solutions will help you keep running the social media campaigns without any hassle or interruptions.

Hashtag suggestions

The hashtag suggestions offered by Facebook Creator Studio doesn’t support with the follower count data of the suggested hashtags.

Alternatively, you can take help from HashTagsForLikes for accurate hashtag analytics to boost the number of followers on your page.

Feed Planner

The tool lacks a feed planner that shows the series of posts scheduled on your Instagram page. To plan your feed, you can use Preview or Planoly.

Monthly Reporting

You can make use of monthly reporting in the Instagram Creator Studio. Monthly reports are helpful in discovering your positive and negative actions. It helps you better yourself in posting and managing posts on the Creator Studio.

As an alternate, you can use Union Metrics for proper engagement reporting.

Final Words

Facebook Creator Studio can be your one-stop solution for managing content on both Facebook and Instagram. If you have started a new business and do not know much about managing your social media pages, our 3-blog series guide on Facebook Creator Studio will help you learn scheduling posts, generating insights and more.

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